13 The Best Desserts and Sweets in Morocco

13 The Best Desserts and Sweets in Morocco

In addition to its magnificent landscapes, exquisite textiles, and interesting architecture, Morocco is recognized for its gastronomy. Your taste senses are bound to come alive with the incredible assortment of flavors and textures. Today we’re offering 12 famous Moroccan Desserts for you to attempt in your own kitchen.

1: Meskouta Cake

13 The Best Desserts and Sweets in Morocco

Look no further than Meskouta cake if you’re looking for a decadent and simple-to-make dessert that’s a favorite in Moroccan homes. For tea time, special events, or just as a sweet treat, many people choose to serve this delicious dessert.

Orange cakes come in a kind called meskouta cakes, which are cooked in a circle and sprinkled with powdered sugar. A little orange taste that is not overbearing and the cake is fluffy and juicy. The orange juice and zest give it a distinctive and energizing flavor, yet the texture is comparable to pound cake.

The Moroccan Berber people, who still exist today, once made a cake like Meskouta using crushed almonds and honey, which is where Meskouta cake got its start. When orange juice and other ingredients were added to the recipe over time, it developed into a popular dessert all over the nation.

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2: Moroccan Cookies

13 The Best Desserts and Sweets in Morocco

Moroccan cookies have a long history that dates back to the Moors, who arrived in Morocco in the eighth century and carried with them their culinary customs. The ghriba cookie evolved into a mainstay in Moroccan families as Moroccan cuisine throughout time acquired its own distinct tastes and cooking methods.

Ghriba cookies come in several varieties, each with a special flavor and texture. Among the most common varieties are:

Ghriba with Almonds: Almond flour, sugar, eggs, and butter or oil are used to make these cookies. They have vanilla and cinnamon flavors, and a whole almond is frequently sprinkled on top.

Ghriba with Coconut: Sugar, egg whites, and coconut flakes are used to make these cookies. They are frequently covered in powdered sugar and flavored with orange blossom or rose water.

13 The Best Desserts and Sweets in Morocco

Ghriba with Sesame Seeds: Sesame seeds, sugar, and egg whites are used to make these cookies. They are frequently wrapped in sesame seeds and scented with anise or orange blossom water.

Ghriba with Dates: Almond flour, eggs, and dates are used to make these cookies. They have cinnamon and cardamom flavors, and they’re frequently coated in powdered sugar after being formed into balls.

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3: Sellou

13 The Best Desserts and Sweets in Morocco

Looking for a tasty delicacy that is both sweet and nutty and is ideal for commemorating special occasions? Look no further than sellou, a beloved dessert among both locals and tourists in Morocco.

Sellou is a wonderfully distinctive dessert that’s ideal for offering at weddings, baby showers, and other special occasions. It’s made from a variety of ingredients including nuts like almonds and sesame, as well as spices like anise and cinnamon.

The method of manufacture of Sellou is one of its unique qualities. The dessert is typically cooked in huge amounts all at once, making it simple to serve to large crowds of people. A unique, rich, nutty flavor is produced by carefully choosing and combining the components.

Sellou is frequently served in a substantial mound or pile, giving it a striking visual focal point for any occasion. Visitors may just take a little bit and savor the popular Moroccan dessert’s distinctive flavor and texture.

Click Here: Moroccan Sellou Recipe

4. Chebakia

13 The Best Desserts and Sweets in Morocco

Not only are these pastries attractive, they are also tasty! You’ll find loads of them being sold on the sides of the street, frequently with bees swarming around them trying to catch a taste as well.

Chebakia is a meal made by meticulously folding dough into circular spirals that resemble a lattice. To give these delicate spirals a beautifully crunchy texture, honey and sesame seeds are then added before they are cooked in oil.

The outcome is a delectable delight that is sweet and savory and unlike anything else you have ever eaten. Chebakia has a distinctive and complex flavor profile that is both sweet and salty because to the mix of honey and sesame seeds, making it the ideal snack to enjoy at any time of day.

To savor the true flavor of this popular delicacy, look for Chebakia in neighborhood markets and bakeries if you’re traveling to Morocco. 

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5. Sugared Peanuts

13 The Best Desserts and Sweets in Morocco

A enticing treat, sugared peanuts are sold in numerous markets and on the streets all over the world. Anyone’s mouth would wet at the smell of roasted peanuts combined with the sweet perfume of caramelized sugar.

The pleasure of purchasing sugared peanuts in cones from street vendors is one of the attractions of Morocco. The aroma of the heated sugar entices you as you stroll through the busy streets, and you find yourself unable to resist stopping at the kiosk.

Each mouthful of the peanuts itself has a delightful crunch from the caramelized sugar shell that coats them. A flavor that is both enticing and soothing is produced when the sweetness of the sugar and the nuttiness of the peanuts are combined.

It’s simple to get lost in the moment and forget about everything else as you amble around the streets of Morocco while munching on sugared peanuts from a cone. The cone is emptied before you realize it, and you’re already considering your next serving. It’s a small pleasure that may make you happy and make your day better.

6. Mint Tea

13 The Best Desserts and Sweets in Morocco

Morocco’s national beverage, mint tea, is a mainstay of Moroccan culture. By steeping fresh mint leaves in hot water and sweetening it with sugar, you may make this flavorful and energizing beverage.

An essential component of Moroccan hospitality is the making and pouring of mint tea. It’s a custom with a long history that embodies the friendly and hospitable ethos of the nation. The tea is typically served in little cups, and it’s common to pour the tea from a height to provide a foamy layer on top.

Although Moroccans drink mint tea all day long, it is particularly well-liked in the late afternoon and right after meals. It is thought to help with digestion and to soothe the body.

Mint tea offers a chance for social interaction and human connection in addition to its health advantages. It’s frequently provided during social events, and it’s not unusual for friends and family to sit around for hours while sipping tea and conversing.

In Morocco, you may obtain mint tea in every location, whether it’s a busy metropolis or a sleepy town. No visit to Morocco is complete without partaking in this cherished beverage, which is a representation of hospitality and a vital component of the nation’s culture.

7. Pastries

13 The Best Desserts and Sweets in Morocco

Moroccan food is a combination of many different cultural influences, and its pastry culture is deliciously influenced by the nation’s French background. 

The almond croissant and chocolate petit pain are only two examples of the mouthwatering pastries made in Morocco with French influences. Honey is frequently sprinkled over these delicacies, giving them a sweet, gooey finish that complements their flaky texture.

A café or corner bakery is one of the greatest places to try Moroccan sweets. They’ll go well with a cup of coffee or tea, and the scent of freshly cooked pastries will definitely get your senses going.

The mille-feuille is an additional Moroccan pastry that you must taste. These pastries, often referred to as Napoleons, are composed of cream and pastry layers and are covered in a delicate white icing with elaborate decorations that resemble spiderwebs. Flaky pastry and smooth cream combine to create a delightful texture that is guaranteed to satisfy your palate.

You will undoubtedly come across merchants selling fresh pastries as you stroll through Morocco’s meandering lanes and busy medinas. Grab a mille-feuille square or any other delectable item that captures your eye without thinking twice. It’s a delectable way to enjoy the tastes and smells of this amazing nation.

8. Sfinge

13 The Best Desserts and Sweets in Morocco

If you enjoy donuts, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to sample sfinge in Morocco. These mouthwatering snacks are a mainstay of the nation’s street food scene and are sure to sate your sweet hunger.

Sfinge are essentially Moroccan doughnuts that have been perfectly fried from unsweetened dough. After being fried, they are frequently dunked in sugar to give them a delicious and crispy coating. They aren’t cake donuts, but they are a little fluffier than standard American-style donuts and have a crisp exterior that makes them hard to resist.

Purchasing freshly prepared sfinge from a street seller is one of the greatest ways to experience them. People frequently carry a string of them on a palm frond while walking around, and the aroma of these just-cooked treats will entice you in. Keep an eye out for sfinge as you roam the streets or explore the busy medinas; they’re a delectable and genuine taste of Morocco that you won’t want to miss.

9. Chocolate Danette

13 The Best Desserts and Sweets in Morocco

Look no further than Chocolate Danette in Morocco if you’re in need of a quick and simple chocolate fix. From street vendors to little stores known as hanuts, you can buy these adorable chocolate puddings practically anywhere.

Chocolate Danette are a wonderful and fulfilling way to satiate your sweet craving, even though they might not be the most sophisticated dessert available in Morocco. The puddings are tiny but bursting with flavor, and their smooth, rich texture is guaranteed to please.

Try Chocolate Danette in Morocco if you’re in the mood for something sweet and chocolaty or if you’re on the go and need a quick snack. They’ll be easy to locate across the nation, making them a delectable treat you can enjoy wherever you travel.

10: Baghrir

13 The Best Desserts and Sweets in Morocco

Morocco is greatly inspired by French cuisine, therefore it should come as no surprise to find crepes as the primary protagonist of one of the country’s favorite sweet meals.

Baghrir, also known as the thousand hole pancakes, quickly transports you back to the legends of 1001 nights. These are small, fluffy Moroccan pancakes, dotted and rippled with tiny little craters. The more holes there are, the better the pancake.

Made from of semolina or wheat, the baghrir is highly popular in Morocco. Its frothy texture derives from blending yeast and baking powder together, making it exceptionally light and spongy. When cooked properly, baghrir will be coated with small open bubbles.

When the pancakes are cooked, the holes hold and absorb any sweet topping, such as honey, Nutella, or jam, like tiny jewels that will burst in your mouth with bubbles of flavor.

You can buy this Moroccan delicacy at bakeries and cafés and is wonderful when served with a glass of Moroccan mint tea or juice.

11: Rice pudding

13 The Best Desserts and Sweets in Morocco

The rice pudding, known in Morocco as roz bil heleeb, is a substantial, spicy dish that is popular around the world. Shredded coconut and nuts like almonds or pistachios are sprinkled on top of this delicious porridge before serving. It will probably have a light orange blossom flavor and be lightly seasoned with cinnamon. It’s a unique dish created using straightforward components.

12: Cinnamon oranges

13 The Best Desserts and Sweets in Morocco

A simple yet reviving dessert like cinnamon oranges is ideal for capping off a hearty lunch. This meal showcases the mouthwatering flavor of Moroccan oranges, which are among of the greatest oranges in the world.

Sliced oranges are topped with cinnamon and orange water, a distilled perfume of bitter orange flowers, to create cinnamon oranges. This straightforward mixture brings out the fruit’s inherent sweetness and creates a distinctive floral scent that is pleasant and refreshing.

This dessert may be eaten on its own or as a side dish to other dishes and is remarkably simple to prepare at home. It’s the ideal option for anybody searching for a quick and healthy way to indulge in sweets.

13: Baklawa (Baklava)

13 The Best Desserts and Sweets in Morocco

Locals in Morocco adore the flavor of almonds. Almonds are a staple of Moroccan desserts since they are abundantly grown here among the trees. The basis of this wonderful pastry is constructed by layering phyllo or warqa sheets with almonds.

After that, a nectarous syrup consisting of orange and honey is poured over the entire dish. It goes well with tea or fresh oranges and is flaky, sweet, and nutty in texture.


There is probably only one thing on your mind after a long day of exploring Morocco—delicious Moroccan sweets!

Moroccan sweets have luscious and complex tastes, so get yourself a cup of warm mint tea and get to eating. Get to know the real Morocco with these sweet indulgences, since you can discover so much about a culture through the indulgences people adore!

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