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I had a great time in Tripolis not problem at all. The driver Omar was good and the car too.

Abussalam was perfect he explained very good and showed me some interesting things. I was feeling safe in Tripolis. The people in the center and on the market were friendly all together no problem at all.

Johann - 2014
Great time! Felt safe in Tripoli!

I’m back in New York and wanted to drop you a short note to thank you very much for organizing my trip and arranging for Tarek to be my guide — he has an encyclopedic knowledge of the ancient sites, and also of current events, so it was a joy to spend a few days with him. I’m really glad that I was able to visit Libya during its period of transition and look forward to returning in a few years to see the benefits of this change.

Michael - May 2013
I’m really glad I was able to visit Libya

Thank you for helping me arrange a fantastic – if much too brief – visit to Tripoli and Leptis Magna. It exceeded my expectations.

My thanks, too, to Abdussalam and Omar. They made the trip super easy, and Abdussalam was a knowledgable guide for exploring Tripoli. (The guide at Leptis Magna, Nader, was excellent as well.)

I hope to return and experience more in the not so distant future.

James - April 2014
It exceeded my expectations!

I’m back in New York and wanted to drop you a short note to thank you very much for organizing my trip and arranging for Tarek to be my guide — he has an encyclopedic knowledge of the ancient sites, and also of current events, so it was a joy to spend a few days with him. I’m really glad that I was able to visit Libya during its period of transition and look forward to returning in a few years to see the benefits of this change.

Michael - May 2013
I’m really glad I was able to visit Libya

Let me say how pleased we are that we included Libya in our trip. We were extremely interested in all we saw in Tripoli and during the drives to Leptis Magna and Sabratha. We thought Leptis Magna was absolutely amazing and that Sabratha was incredible. We were very glad to have seen the Roman Villa of Sileen – the mosaics were truly beautiful and the position of the villa is breathtaking.

Our accommodation in Tripoli – Al Khan – was wonderful. The place itself was beautiful; the staff were extremely pleasant and helpful and the location was perfect. We would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Tripoli.

Atholene & Don 2012
Pleased we included Libya in our trip!

I would like to say a big thank you to Libya Adventures, the company was very easy to communicate with from overseas and the Visa came through easily and with little hassle. The information that was provided was extremely helpful especially at knowing what to do when first arriving at the airport. The Teba Hotel was comfy, clean and friendly and the manager was extremely helpful and spoke good English. I would definitely recommend Libya Travel & Tours to anyone interested in visiting Libya.

Luke - August 2012
A Big Thank You to LibyaAdventures

“After thoroughly researching tour operators in Libya, I chose Libya Travel & Tours!. I was responsible for booking the trip for my friend Richard. I was extremely impressed the knowledge, smoothness and professionalism of Libya Adventures!.

Richard was extremely pleased and surprised how smoothly his trip went. The accommodations were up to his standards and the tour guide, Mr. Shukri was like having a human encyclopedia. The tour was not only a history lesson but a cultural experience, as well. The Libyan people were welcoming and accommodating. I highly recommend Libya Adventures and visiting Libya.”

Lorenzo Martin -NY, USA July 2012
I highly recommend visiting Libya!

A Wonderful Time in Libya
I’m back home and very grateful for the wonderful time in Libya.

Eder was an excellent guide. And he speaks perfect English. The driver was also fine. He didn’t speak English at all, but was nice and deferential.

The highlights, of course: Sabratha and Leptis Magna.

A drawback: All museums were closed.

The Hotel and the food were also excellent.

Yes, I would recommend Libyaadventures to others travelers interested in visiting Libya. Overall, the service was excellent and Eder was a very pleasant companion and guide.

Take care, and thanks again for your wonderful service.

Best regards,

Luis Alberto - January 2013
A Wonderful Time in Libya

I thought Abdulsalaam (the guide) was quite competent albeit a bit reserved. Omar (the driver) is an absolute gem. The guide Abdulsalaam arranged for me in Sabratha, Tarek, was outstanding, one of the best guides I’ve experienced. The guide at Leptis was just a shade under him, but terrific as well.

In addition, I really appreciated Abdulsalaam taking me to the Tripoli Port fish market — that was special, with everyone there so friendly.

Overall, everything worked, all on schedule, I’m very satisfied with Libyaadventures.

Not only will I recommend you to others, but once it’s safe to include Benghazi for Cyrene and Apollonia et al, I’ll want to bring a group to Libya as soon as possible. Thanks so much for a very enjoyable and memorable experience.

Jack - April 2014
A Very Enjoyable & Memorable Experience

Overall, the Libya trip was wonderful but the pity was that the stay was too short in your country.

We like Leptis Magna very very much and would like to give the credit to the guide Mahmoud. It is majorly due to his wonderful insights that raised our satisfaction level. And he is also the best and most perfect guide in our whole journey, not only taking care well of everything but also smartly explain and provide right amount of information to the clients. The magic thing is that you will always be raised more interest, and then the place we stand is exactly what can bring us answers.

Mahmoud successfully won over other guides in our whole journey.

We would say Tripoli city and Medina are all good places. They just like the pearl in the dust. As long as your governments invest a little to make those sites more recognizable to the tourists.

Although the driver could not speak any English, we also think he is the best driver in the whole journey. He drives very carefully and reliably. He is very polite and always smiling. He is eager to provide you some help like transporting the luggage, etc. Mahmoud and him cooperate very smoothly.

Of course the service of your agency from initial email till now is wonderful. Always very timely reply, reminding tourists of local situation. We would highly recommend your service to others.

Zhonglin - April 2014
The Pearl in the Dust

My memories are indeed good ones. We needed Tarek to get us accustomed to the way things were done — especially airport travel. The guides in the sites he took us to were indeed exceptional. We really appreciated our VIP treatment. People all over Libya amazed us with their hospitality and desire to anticipate all our needs.

Margaret - May 2013
People all over Libya amazed us!

We have been using the services of Libyaadventures for a couple of months already. Their service delivery is excellent. The owners and staff are very reliable people and an absolute pleasure to work with. Their attention to detail makes our task in Libya so much more productive. Libyaadventures takes care of ticketing for domestic air travel, local road transport arrangements, hotel bookings and most importantly, visa applications.
All of this at very competitive pricing. They render a truly professional service and we recommend them wholeheartedly.

From a US enterprise working in Libya
Their service delivery is excellent

Thanks for your great service allowing me to visit this unique country. From the hotel services to the private driver that were provided, I enjoyed it all. The Roman Ruins were absolutely stunning especially Leptis Magna which is a must see.

I was a bit nervous about whether or not we were going to get a visa, but you all pulled through and this is a huge reason I would recommend your services. Thanks for all your hard work to make my visit memorable.


“Roman Ruins were Absolutely Stunning”
I enjoyed it all

The trip was absolutely wonderful. Libya was just much much more than I expected – both the very friendly and welcoming people, the historic sites, sitting on marble pillars, walking on all the broken pieces of mosaic and ceramics and being allowed to touch everything – this in addition to the blue sea, the yellow sand, the “green mountains” and of course the still very near revolution and the meeting with people who had suffered. I’m still a bit speechless.

Abdul (guide) is worth his weight in gold. He is very knowledgeable, old and new history as well as being a very good host – really taking care of us as his guests. I believe we saw more than was “on the list” due to his knowledge of the country and his connections everywhere. Every day was special and I went to bed every night quite exhausted and just looking forward to what the next day would bring.

All the drivers were excellent. Salem was the one we spent most time together with and the one we learned best to know – a very pleasant acquaintance. They were all very good drivers – and that says a lot in this country where there seems to be no rules.

Libyaadventures will be recommended by me to friends and others who want to visit Libya.

Hotels were good, food was good – especially couscous with onion and lamb which we were served by the guards at Sabratha.

I’m not sure if I can point out only one highlight. I could easily have spent more than 1 day at Leptis Magna. Cyrene with the temple of Zeus was also wonderful – as was all the sites, each in their own way.

Seeing all the photos of those who died during the revolution and hearing the stories also made an indelible impression – something I was not really expecting or prepared for if it is possible to say it like that.

All in all a visit and a holiday I will not forget very soon.

A holiday I will not forget very soon!

Libya Adventures was indispensable for my trip to Libya. They assisted in arranging for my visa, hotel, tour guide and translator – all at slightly below-market rates as they are in-country and are able to make long term arrangements with their partners.

The LT&T team is extremely professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable – important traits when traveling to a country such as Libya. Professional – they always returned any e-mails promptly with the precise information; Trustworthy – they were reliable in dealing with my documents/credit card and payments to their partners; Knowledgeable – they live in Libya and were able to advise me on little (but important) things such as phone/internet connections, taxis, restaurants, plane flights, hotels, places to visit, etc…

Finding Libya Adventures was like finding a unique and beautiful pearl in sea filled with mollusks…they are a rare find indeed and I highly recommend using their services.

“I highly recommend…”

It was a great trip and I would certainly recommend it to others especially if led by Abdul. He is very knowledgeable and listened to our requests and tried to make everything go smoothly. The drivers were fine and food good. I didn’t think much of the Yefren Hotel as both the room was nothing like the other hotels and the service poor (No towels, soap or toilet paper in the room all of which had to be asked for.) They are under new management and it’s not much good. I understand that Libya is under difficult conditions at the moment but I don’t think that hotel will change much since it’s the only one in town and therefore doesn’t need to try much.

We all had a really good trip and much better than expected.

Stephen - November 2012
We all had a really good trip

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